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First Efficiency Bar Examination for Senior Statisticians and Statisticians 2013 (2017) II – Department of Census and Statistics

Closing Date – 2017-October-02

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Instructions to Candidates

The application should be prepared according to the format given at the end of this notice on A4 size paper. Headings 01 to 05 should be entered on the first page and rest on the second page. Further, it is compulsory to indicate the title of the examination appearing the application in English language too on both sinhala and Tamil application forms. application form can be type written but the relevant particulars should be entered very clearly in candidate’s own handwriting. The applications should be forwarded to the commissioner general of Examinations, organizations and Foreign Examinations Branch, department of Examinations, Post Box 1503, Colombo, through the head of department under registered cover to be reached on or before 02.10.2017. The top left hand corner of the envelope should clearly mention the name of the examination as “First Efficiency Bar Examination for senior statisticians and statisticians in the department of census and statistics – 2017”. incomplete applications and the applications received after the closing date of application will be rejected without any notice. Further, it is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the application form perfected by him/herself complies with the specimen given in the examination notice, if not application will be rejected. (it would be advisable to keep a copy of the application).

Commissioner General of Examinations,
Organization and Foreign Examination Branch,
Department of Examinations, Sri lanka,
P.O. Box 1503, Colombo.

Contact Numbers : Hotline : 1911 / +94 11 2786200, +94 11 2784201, +94 11 2785202, +94 11 2784204, +94 11 2786205, +94 11 2784206
Email – [email protected]

Source – Gazette (2017.08.31)