Accountant, Accounts Officer, Chief Executive Officer / General Manager, Deputy General Manager (Finance) (Contract Basis), Chief Internal Auditor (Contract Basis) – Co-operative Wholesale Establishment

Closing Date – 2022-01-02 […]

Research Professor, Research Assistant, Secretary to the Board, Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer, Internal Audit Officer, Pool of Lawyers 2021 – National Institute of Fundamental Studies

Closing Date – 2021-August-30 […]

Management Assistant, Accounts Officer, Statistical Officer, Computer Programmer, Export Promotion Officer, Assistant Director (Information Technology), Director (Export Agriculture, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources Management), Additional Director General (Finance and Admin), Director General 2021 – Export Development Board

Closing Date – 2021-July-28 […]

Management Assistant, Development Officer, Administration Officer, Accounts Officer, Social Officer, Engineer, Internal Auditor, Financial Manager, Project Director, Deputy Project Director, Environmental Specialist, GEO Information Specialist, Senior Programming Officer, Senior Project Specialist, Communication Officer, Hydro Meteorological Technologist, Engineer Assistant, Environment Officer 2021 – Integrated Watershed and Water Resources Management Project

Closing Date – 2021-July-15 […]

Management Assistant, Information Assistant, Internal Auditor, Document Conservator, Systems Analyst, Accounts Officer, Library and Documentation Officer, Conservation Officer, Administrative Secretary – National Library and Documentation Services Board

Closing Date – 2021-March-19 […]

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