Driver, Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Tinker, Motor Mechanic, Laboratory Attendant, Workshop Attendant, Library Attendant, Accountant, Accounts Officer, Principal Research Scientist, Senior Quality Assurance Officer, Research Scientist – Industrial Technology Institute

Closing Date – 2022-02-12 […]

Driver, Technical Officer, Project Officer, Procurement Officer, Senior Medical Coordinator, Procurement Specialist, Senior Social Safeguard Officer, Senior Environmental Officer, Project Secretary, Finance Manager, Deputy Project Director, Project Director – COVID 19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project

Closing Date for (Project […]

Management Assistant, Office Aid, Driver, Information Technology Assistant, Storeman, Miscellaneous Work Assistant, Multi Skilled Technician (Civil / Mechanical), Multi Duty Operator (Fire and Safety), Personal Secretary – Jaya Container Terminals Ltd

Closing Date – 2021-May-14 […]

Management Assistant, Driver, Attendant, Matron, Nursing Officer, Nursing Sister, Midwife, Pharmacist, Radiographer, Medical Laboratory Technician, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Ophthalmic Technologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Orthoptist, Public Health Inspector, Dental Technician, Dental Surgeon, Medical Consultant, Medical Officer – University Hospital – General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

Closing Date – 2021-March-08 […]

Management Assistant, Office Aide (Peon), Driver, Development Officer, Translator, Technical Officer, Administrative Officer, Accounts Assistant, Accountant, Regional Director, Deputy Director, Director – New Villages Development Authority

Closing Date – 2021-February-28 […]

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