Tag: Senior Legal Officer Vacancies

Head of Protection, Head of Victim and Family Support, Head of Tracing Unit, Head of Human Resources and Administration, Secretary to the Board, Senior Legal Officer, Senior Psychosocial Officer, Senior Protection Officer, Senior Data Analyst, Senior Investigation Officer, Internal Auditor, Legal Officer, Research Officer, Investigation Officer, Victims and Family Support Officer, Personal Assistant to Chairperson/ED Vacancies – The Office on Missing Persons

Closing Date – 2023-08-20 

Senior Legal Officer, Internal Auditor, Senior Marketing Officer, Driver – Industrial Technology Institute Vacancies 2023 (218)

Closing Date – 2023-05-04 

Senior Legal Officer, Research Fellow, Principal Research Scientist, Principal Research Engineer, Senior Research Scientist, Senior Research Engineer, Senior Computer System Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Officer 2021 – Industrial Technology Institute

Closing Date – 2021-August-20 

Additional Director General (Technical Services), Director (Administration and HR Development), Senior Legal Officer – Industrial Technology Institute

Closing Date – 2020-October-02 

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