Field Officer, Junior Assistant Field Officer, Factory Officer, Senior Assistant Factory Officer, Junior Assistant Factory Officer, Estate Medical Practitioner, Mechanic/Electrician, Driver (Lorry and Tractor) – Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation

Closing Date – 2022-07-06 […]

Management Assistant, Translator, Technological Officer, Technical Officer, Factory Officer, Field Officer, Pharmacist, Research Officer, Advisory Officer, Senior Research Officer, Senior Advisory Officer, Accounting and Procurement Officer, Personal Assistant to Director, Personal Assistant to Chairman, Rubber Extension Officer, Audio Visual Aids Production Officer, Manager, Deputy Director – Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka

Closing Date – 2021-January-27 […]

Administrative Officer, Clerk, Field Officer, Factory Officer, Welfare Officer, Estate Medical Practitioner, Driver (Lorry) – Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation

Closing Date – 2020-September-22 […]

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