Senior Management Assistant, Project Director, Senior Programming Specialist, Procurement and Contract Management Specialist, Project Engineer (Procurement, Contract Management), Project Accountant, Information Technology Officer, Human Resources Management Officer, Procurement Officer, Project Secretary – Climate Resilience – Multiphase Programmatic Approach (CResMPA)

Closing Date – 2022-01-07 […]

Technical Officer, Project Accountant, Project Assistant and Administrative Officer, Social and Environment Officer 2021 – Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited

Closing Date – 2021-September-13 […]

Senior System Analysist, Project Accountant, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Assistant Sociologist, Deputy Project Director – Support to Colombo Urban Regeneration Project

Closing Date – 2021-April-19 […]

Senior Social Safeguard Expert, Senior Health and Safety Expert, Project Accountant, Environmental Officer, Quantity Surveyor – National Building Research Organization

Closing Date – 2021-March-08 […]

Senior Civil Engineer, Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist, Communication Specialist, Community Development and Livelihood Specialist, Project Accountant, Environmental Officer, Social Development Officer, Project Secretary – Eco-System Conservation and Management (ESCAMP) Project

Closing Date – 2021-March-08 […]

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