Grade III of Driver, Work / Field Labourer, Health Labourer, Electrician, Pre School Teacher – Mirigama Pradeshiya Sabha 2018

Closing Date – 2019-January-25 Advertisement Sinhala Edition Preview Download Advertisement (Sinhala Edition) Download Application (Sinhala Edition) Instructions to Candidates Contact Numbers : 033-2273206 Source – Gazette (2018.12.28)

Driver, Dispenser, Library Assistant, Road Labourer, Health Labourer – Mirigama Pradeshiya Sabha 2017

Closing Date – 2017-October-20 Amendment Sinhala Edition Preview Advertisement Sinhala Edition Preview Advertisement English Edition Preview Download Advertisement (Sinhala Edition) Download Advertisement (English Edition) Download Application (Sinhala Edition) Instructions to Candidates Applications prepared as per specimen form given in […]