Principal Scientist (Inland Water Resources), Internal Auditor, Personal Assistant to the Chairman, Translator, Development Officer (Project), Research Assistant – National Aquatic Research and Development Agency

Closing Date – 2020-September-14 […]

Principal Scientist, Chief Hydrographer, Administrative Officer, Cartographer, Land Surveyor, Management Assistant, Draftsman, Diver, Laboratory Assistant, Survey Helper, Helper – National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency 2019

Closing Date – 2019-May-15 […]

Director, Assistant Director, Senior System Analyst / Programmer, Hydrographic Surveyor, Skipper, Administrative Officer, Cartographer / Data Analyst, Land Surveyor, Management Assistant, Diver, Diver Assistant, Research Assistant, Driver, Carpenter, Mason, Labortary Assistant, Surveyor Helper, Helper – National Aquatic Resource Research Development Agency (NARA) 2018

Closing Date – 2018-April-05 […]